Traveling Players Ensemble

Scholarship Information for Classes

HamletHappyFinancial assistance is based on three factors:

  • financial need of family;
  • talent and/or dedication of performer;
  • and the needs of TPE’s Ensembles.

The procedure to become eligible for a scholarship is fairly simple:

  • The student writes a letter to Artistic Director Jeanne Harrison explaining why she/he wants to participate in the Traveling Players class and what special qualities she/he would bring to the class.
  • The student asks a teacher or coach who knows her/him well fill out the short Classes Recommendation Form for Scholarships (PDF).
  • Parents provide a copy of your 2015 federal tax return to verify your eligibility for financial aid.

Please submit the letter, tax return and the Classes Recommendation Form for Scholarships (PDF) as soon as possible for preferred consideration. If it looks like you are eligible and a good fit for our programs, then we’ll call to schedule an interview.

After the interview, you will receive an email letting you know if you have been accepted to the class and the level of financial support that we are able to provide. In the past, full scholarships were not granted; however, considerable reductions in tuition were offered. Depending on Traveling Players success in securing scholarship donations and grants, the level of support we could offer may increase or decrease from year to year.

Returning scholarship students may be required to re-apply every year, though TPE works hard to keep scholarship students in the program who are a good fit. It is most helpful if the student writes a thank you note after their experience at TPE documenting their experience.

We also offer scholarships to TPE’s summer camp! Click here to find out more.

Thanks again for your interest in Traveling Players Ensemble’s programs! If you have any questions about this application process or the camp, please don’t hesitate to call or email: 703-987-1712 or