Traveling Players Ensemble

International TPE Week

Saturday, December 7th kicks off a week of celebrating all things TPE!

High School Ensemble actors loading their set into the bus after a successful performance at Goodwin House

High School Ensemble actors loading their set into the bus after a successful performance at Goodwin House

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Every day of the week features a contest where you can show off to your fellow campers on Facebook! Fabulous (if wacky) prizes for each contest’s winners will be given out at the December Showcase on Sunday, December 14th.

GRAND PRIZE: The big prize we hand out will be for the most money raised on behalf of TPE. You can make teams to pool your resources; maximum team size is 4. You have the whole week to raise money, and we’ll collect and count it at the Showcase.

Saturday — MAKE SOME CASH – If you babysit, consider babysitting and donating your take to TPE.  Or make a neighbor dinner and donate your pay to TPE.  Have a skill?  Teach it to someone.  Maybe your grandpa will pay you to teach him to juggle?

Sunday — BAKE SALE – Bake food to bring into to school this next week and sell at a TPE bake sale.  (Check with your school first; they may have bake sale rules or you might need to register in advance).

Monday – SPIRIT PICTURE – Take a picture of yourself showing the most TPE spirit possible, and post it on the TPE Wall!

Tuesday – BUS(less) SONG – Okay, you don’t have a bus.  But you still have a song.  Make up a song about the purple buses (or anything else about TPE), and call 703-987-1712 between the hours of 3 and 6 pm to record it on the TPE voice-mail! It’s better with some friends.

Wednesday – S’MORET – Write and post your very own sonnet about that most TPE of delicacies: the S’More. What’s a Sonnet? What’s a S’more?

Thursday – MAKE A SCENE – Get together with at least one other friend and create a picture showing a scene from your favorite Moliere or Shakespeare play! The more people in it, the higher we’ll score it.

Friday – COOLEST IDEA – Share what you’ve been doing to raise money. If you’ve been doing something awesome (like selling Shakespearean Insults), you could win a prize, even if it doesn’t bring in lots of money.

Saturday – BRING FRIENDS – Come to the December Showcase to watch scenes and monologues, and bring your friends! The person who brought the most friends (new to TPE) wins a prize!