Traveling Players Ensemble

Commedia Troupe

2018 Details


Commedia dell'Arte training

“Traveling Players was the turning point in my training and direction as an actor.” – Scholarship Camper, 2007 – 2008

Camp Features:

Create an original play in four weeks, using the  masks, characters, and techniques of Commedia dell’Arte!  Combining outrageous physical comedy, improvisation, group playwriting, and an intense performance tour where every show is different, the Commedia Troupe is a truly unique summer theatre experience.  Director Toby Mulford draws on over ten years of study and practice to introduce young performers to the ancient form of Commedia dell’Arte, and to turn them into a supportive ensemble that can take on any challenge.

Associate Artistic Director Toby Mulford talks about Commedia Troupe

What is Commedia dell’Arte?Commedia actors pose in costume on the historic outdoor stage in Colonial Williamsburg

Commedia dell’Arte is the style of improvised theatre that pioneered many theatrical conventions that we now take for granted: slapstick comedy, professional actors, and (startlingly enough) women playing the female roles! Originating during the Italian Renaissance, Commedia dominated the European theatre scene for more than two centuries and inspired everyone from Shakespeare to the Simpsons. Masked and unmasked actors play stock characters with improvised dialogue in a wild and hilarious slapstick comedy!

The Play

The Commedia Troupe will perform an original adaptation of Sleeping Beauty, based on the classic fairytale.  Witches and fairies, princes and princesses, thorn bushes, spindles, curses, and birthday parties all combine to retell the beloved story of sleep, wakefulness, and everything in between.

The Performance Tour

After four weeks of rehearsing and creating, you’ll pack up your purple bus and hit the road for a nine-day tour through Virginia, performing at the Lime Kiln Amphitheater and other beautiful outdoor sites.  Along the way, you’ll go camping, swimming, and exploring.  All this plus returning for a final performance festival for family and friends!