Traveling Players Ensemble

The Play’s the Thing – Player Option

2018 Class Overview
Wizard of Oz

Dates: Saturdays only, January 6 – March 18
Detailed Schedule: TPTT 2018 Schedule
Tuition: $800 ($750 before Friday, Dec. 14)
Location: Lewinsville Retirement Residence, 1724 Chain Bridge Rd. McLean, VA 22101
Director: Jessica Rodriguez-Snellings
Assistant Directors: Joe Godburn, Mary Kate Gould
Designer: Jessica Kemp
Playwright: Judy White

For the student just getting to know us, or who can’t commit the whole weekend, this class allows young actors to participate our popular The Play’s the Thing class to perform Winnie the Pooh & Friends without committing to three months of full-weekend rehearsals.

You’ll join the play as an ensemble member.  You won’t get one of the leads, since you won’t be at all the rehearsals, but Traveling Players’ emphasis on ensemble means that you’ll be a fully-integrated member of the cast with lots to do (flying monkeys? munchkins? emerald city guards?), and then go on tour to perform for the local community, performing in libraries, schools, and community centers. The play will be professionally directed and fully produced, with costumes, a set, and its own purple bus to carry it to performance venues!

Winter 2018 Play: Beloved playwright Judith Walsh White adapts A. A. Milne’s timeless classic The House at Pooh Corner for Winnie the Pooh & Friends, a newly commissioned play with songs (not a musical) Pooh’s pleasant routine gets bounced into chaos when the rambunctious Tigger shows up in the Hundred Acre Wood. Join Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Rabbit, and more of the best-loved characters in childrens’ literature as they meet strangers, have adventures, and embark on the challenge of coming to know and accept each other despite their quirks and foibles.

Our rehearsals will include text analysis, acting exercises, movement workshops and improvisational games that explore the world of the play. The class is appropriate for both experienced actors and newbies. There is no audition to enroll; auditions for roles will happen in the first weekend of classes.

6th graders can sign up for either the Players Option, or for the Full Session.

Staggered Registration

Because of high anticipated enrollment, we’ll be accepting older kids first for all classes. See staggered dates below. Younger kids can submit their registration at any time, and it’s recommended that you do that as soon as you can, but we’ll be processing them once they become eligible (in the order received).

Staggered priority registration for Players Option (Saturday rehearsals):

  • Nov 30-Dec 3: 6th grade (can also choose TPTT)*
  • Dec 4-7: 5th grade
  • Dec 8: 4th grade

* 6th graders can choose TPTT or TPTT-PLAYERS option. If their preference is TPTT, then it is recommended that they simultaneously register for PLAYERS and TPTT as soon as possible. If a TPTT spot remains available, we will cancel their PLAYERS registration and transfer it to to TPTT on the first day eligible for 6th grade TPTT registration.