Yael Schoenbaum

Yael Schoenbaum is a theater and international affairs student in her senior year at Skidmore College. She just returned from a year abroad in Vietnam, Morocco, and Peru, researching Climate Justice and arts activism, and in Argentina, studying Latin American studies. On-campus, Yael is an active member of the Skidmore theater department and regularly acts in department productions. She is also a member of an award-winning a cappella group, the Skidmore Dynamics. She can’t wait to get back to her love of performance and ensemble arts!

Beginning in 2009, Yael was a camper at TPE for 5 years and a staff member over the next 2. (If you’re sneaky, you can still find some performance photos of Yael scattered about the TPE website.) She has remained in contact and involved with the TPE community from afar and is so thrilled to be back on board this summer.