Winter Performances [Players]

Winter Performances: Players

This performance class mounts a play using a tight ensemble of elementary school actors. The play will be professionally directed and fully produced — with a custom-designed costume delivered to your door, a “Zoomologist” to help with tech, a virtual background set, and filmed vignettes integrated into the play. The public performance is part of our March Madness Festival.

This innovative class is for experienced performers as well as less experienced actors who are eager and dedicated.

For current 4th – 6th graders.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY: Cast size is limited to 11 performers. We recommend registering for the first audition you can attend.

  • November 7 & December 19, 7:00 pm — 8:30 pm
    • Register for either audition by November 23 at midnight to claim the Early Bird Discount!
  • Saturdays & Sundays, January 9 — March 21

6th graders have choices at Traveling Players! You can choose to either age up into the older age group, or stay and be a leader in the younger age group – either way you’re sure to have a ton of fun!

  • If you’re new to theatre, or you just finished the Acting Sampler Week or the Mythology Ensemble, we recommended that you stay in the 4th– 6th grade program. Most of your friends from the summer will be here and you will work with many of the amazing teachers you already know and love.
  • If you’re looking for a new challenge, or if you were a part of the Thespian Ensemble we recommend that you join our 6th-9th grade program.
  • If you’re auditioning for the Winter Performances but don’t know which group to choose, please attend the Thespians audition. During registration, you’ll be able to opt in to simultaneous consideration for the Players group.

If you have any questions about which program would be perfect for you please call (703-987-1712) or email ( us and we will be more than happy to help you find the best fit!

What’s a Pod? To fight the social isolation kids are feeling right now, some parents are choosing to “take camp” with another family. Both kids would be at one house with their laptops and headphones, either inside or outside. During breaks, they could kick a soccer ball, eat brownies, walk the dog, or help each other memorize lines. They could be at the same house all the time, alternate houses, or only Pod certain days of the week. We’re calling these extended families “Pods!”

Form a Pod! If you’re interested, just let us know ( and we’ll connect you to another family who is similarly interested. Then you can discover if you are both comfortable with the level of exposure in relation to coronavirus, if you live close to each other, and other logistics. We recommend keeping your Pod tight and consistent, and taking appropriate precautions as outlined by the CDC.

Separate Studios: Already have two or more campers in your home? Congrats! You already have a Pod! If the campers are in different ensembles, then they should each have a Studio of their own (separate rooms, trading off with one person working inside and the other outside). If campers are in the same ensemble, than they can work in the same room but each camper should wear wireless headphones to avoid feedback while still allowing the campers freedom of movement.

He has told me it’s the ‘best camp ever’ and has been hyper with excitement all week long. After being bummed about being stuck inside with the pandemic and sad about isolation, this is a very welcome change! Thank you for lifting my little boy’s spirits!

— Parent