Karen Garcia

Karen (she/her) is a Mexican teacher who lives in the south of Mexico. She will visit the USA for the first time and is so excited to know the culture and also share Mexican traditions with the students.  She is so happy and grateful for her first summer at Traveling Players and she hopes to make a lot of new friends.  She holds a Bachelor’s in Secondary Education and has been working as a Secondary teacher since 2016 in a rural community in the mountains where she enjoys the incredible view.  She teaches all kinds of subjects, such as math, geography, arts, and even sports. One of her favorite things is to listen to her student’s stories and learn about their incredible ideas. Last year she started to study a second career in digital design where learned about drawing and painting. She loves nature, one of her favorite things is to take pictures of the trees, flowers, and the sky. She is also a sporty girl and enjoys practicing indoor cycling, Zumba dancing, and taking long walks outside. As a good Mexican, Karen loves parties, the delicious food – she loves Mexican breakfasts and also enjoys preparing healthy food.  She loves to talk about her pet, the universe, energy, and magic. Karen can’t wait to have fun with the students this summer.