What to Bring to Camp

What To Bring To Camp

To Bring to Camp on the First Day, and Leave There
  • Medications
    • If you will be taking medications during camp hours, then please bring it in the prescription bottle and give it to your assistant director.  Please remember that we do not allow campers to self-medicate, even if they are used to doing so at home.
To Bring to Camp Every Monday – Wednesday
  • Lunch
    • Pack a yummy lunch in an insulated or ziplock bag, and we’ll put it in the cooler.  Please do not pack foods that are particularly sensitive to heat.
  • Closed-toe Shoes
    • When you go into the real woods, you need real shoes.  Sneakers are perfect.  Shoes should enclose the toes and give support.  No flip-flops or sandals.  One Exception: you can wear Keen sandals if they are the kind that enclose your toes and give support (must have a heel strap).
  • Dress for the Weather!
    • BRING YOUR RAIN GEAR EVERY DAY, even if it’s sunny in the morning.  On sunny days: t-shirts and shorts.  On rainy days: layers of clothes, including jeans, a sweatshirt, and a raincoat with a hood. (No umbrellas, please!)  Please wear clothes that can get muddy or paint spattered.
  • Water Bottle
    • A necessity.  Be sure to mark it as yours.  For those really hot days, put the water bottle in the freezer the night before!
  • Sun and Bug Protection
    • Ideally, apply all-day sun and bug protection before camp.
  • Script and a pencil
    • You will need your script every day! Even better, bring two pencils.
  • Day Backpack
    • For water bottle, lunch, rain gear, extra layers of clothes, script and pencil.
To Bring Thursday for the Campout (in addition to Mon-Wed Supplies)
  • An Extra Lunch
    • Label this one for Friday
  • Change of Clothes
    • Pack a long sleeved shirt and pants for Thursday night (which you might want to sleep in, too!) and something to wear on Friday.
  • Sleeping Bag
    • If it’s really, really hot, you might prefer a sheet,
  • Sleeping Bag Pad
    • It beats sleeping on the ground!
  • Flashlight
    • NOT OPTIONAL. You’ll need it to find your way around in the dark.
  • Deodorant
    • Enough said.
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
    • Ditto
  • Bathing Suit and Towel
    • We’ll go swimming on Fridays.
  • Backpack or Duffle
    • To stuff all your stuff in.

Please, PLEASE, label everything – clothes, water bottles, shoes, backpacks, lunches, flashlights, scripts, everything!

Pack your overnight bag once, double checking that you have everything, then just swap out your clothes every week. Now, you’re always ready for a campout!