2012Our mission is to enhance problem-solving skills, self-reliance, self-expression, and a heightened appreciation of both challenges and beauty by bringing great theatre into the great outdoors.  We are guided by the following beliefs:

  • Artistic creation is fundamental to forming one’s identity, especially for teens in their unique and complex transition between childhood and adulthood;
  • An ensemble is an ideal structure in which to foster creativity and a sense of community.  Therefore, our educational programs work intensively with small ensembles to ensure personalized attention and significant growth as an artist;
  • As stated in a 2007 Washington Post article about Traveling Players, “Many kids’ first spiritual encounters take place in nature, where they discover something larger than themselves.”  Therefore, we link theatrical work to nature by rehearsing and performing outdoors and by emphasizing nature themes in the plays we produce.



Our goal is to provide an outstanding theatre experience for young adults that will contribute to their maturity and foster a lifelong love of both theatre and the outdoors while meeting rigorous artistic and educational standards.  Among our unique attributes is the opportunity for all students to emulate their minstrel forebears by going on tour.  This ranges from appearances at local theatre festivals to overnight camping trips with a performance at a regional hospital, library, senior center, or park.  Advanced students tour for one to two weeks, camping and performing outdoors in beautiful and historic places, like The Madeira School, Riverbend Park and Colonial Williamsburg.