Sleepaway Camps (grades 4 - 12)

Summer Sleepaway Camps

Traveling Players prides itself on top-notch training in a joyful environment.

By focusing on classical theatre, Traveling Players trains performers who are bold, resourceful, and skilled. Classical acting is demanding — and remains foundational to all modern acting technique. Hence, a summer at Traveling Players trains you to act not just anything, but anywhere. All the world’s a stage!

Our campus is in Leesburg, VA -- 100 acres of private property nestled in the Catoctin Mountains.

Traveling Players summer theatre programs offer expert training in acting, character creation, physical comedy, stage combat, improvisation, and text analysis. A typical day includes intensive rehearsals in addition to classes taught by expert faculty, expanding each performer’s skill set. 

"The ensemble model is superb — for our non-sporty kid, we are seeing all of the benefits of a team sport around an activity she loves.  The kids collaborate, bond, support each other, develop a sense of responsibility and commitment to the ensemble, and have inside jokes and war stories.  Acting in front of live audiences builds confidence and resilience and we’re getting to watch her skills grow and evolve with each performance. 

And, the classic material (Shakespeare, Molière) is giving them a sophisticated literary education on top of all the fun! We just can’t say enough great things about Traveling Players!"

— Parent

Our sleepaway camps are specially tailored to teens & tweens, grades 4 to 12. Don't miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime - schedule your audition today!

Mythology Ensemble

current grades 4 - 6 | $3700

By audition only.

Orpheus & Eurydice

by Judith Walsh White
A World Premiere by renowned DC playwright
Our Mythology Ensemble takes on the world’s greatest myths in this two week sleepaway camp for the young actor.  Mythology campers receive expert training in acting, movement and stage combat to help them tell ancient stories. Complete with fun-filled rehearsals and daily classes, the Mythology Ensemble is the perfect introduction to Traveling Players.  Our “Mythsters” are carefully guided by a trio of directors, who bring out the best in every performer.
Session One: June 23 — July 5 (2 weeks)
Session Two: July 14 — July 26 (2 weeks)

Audition Dates:
-Mon, Feb 26, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
-Tues, March 19, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Audition Material

Thespian Ensemble

current grades 6 - 8 | $5700

By audition only.

The Learned Ladies

by Molière
In just three weeks of sleepaway camp, our Thespians receive expert training in acting and textual analysis to hone their theatrical skills!  This summer's play selection perfectly prepares campers for Shakespeare, as it is also written in iambic pentameter. Campers will rehearse in a cast limited to 13 performers. Each and every actor is an integral member of the ensemble. Thespians are carefully guided by a trio of directors, who bring out the best in every performer!
Session One: June 23 — July 12 (3 weeks)
      -Session One is FULL
           -Join the Waiting List
Session Two: July 14 — August 2 (3 weeks)

Audition Dates:
-Mon, Mar 18, 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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Improv Intensive

current grades 6 - 12 | $3700 - $5700

By audition only.

New for Summer 2024!

Learn foundational skills for theater (and life): clarity of thought and action, mental agility, spontaneity, active listening & responding, leading & following, and creative problem solving.  This camp is designed to release the creativity of each performer and is the perfect match for students who bring high energy to the theater.  At the end of your adventure, you'll perform an improvised masterpiece – never seen before or again! With your fellow improv artists, you'll use suggestions from a LIVE audience to create a script and make theatrical magic on the spot.

Session One (grades 8-12): June 23 — July 12 (3 weeks)
Session Two (grades 6-8): July 14 — July 26 (2 weeks)

Audition Dates:
-Wed, Feb 28, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
-Mon, Mar 11, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Shakespeare Ensemble

current grades 8 - 12 | $5700

By audition only.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

In just three weeks, the Shakespeare Ensemble produces a 75 minute, professionally directed and designed production of one of the Bard’s greatest works. Students receive expert training in acting, performing Shakespeare, and stage combat. Actors are carefully guided by a trio of directors, ensuring every actor is challenged and grows — on stage and off. If you can perform Shakespeare, you can perform anything!
Want to immerse yourself in your craft for a full 6 weeks?  Want to add the extra challenge of touring a production?  Check out Shakespeare Troupe!
Session One: June 23 — July 12 (3 weeks)
Session Two: July 14 — August 2 (3 weeks)

Shakespeare Ensemble is now FULL!
           -Join the Waiting List
8th Graders - Please read about Swing Years.Take me to Discounts!

Audition Dates:
By Appointment for those on the Waiting List

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Technical Theatre

current grades 8 - 12 | $5700

By interview only.
Technical Theatre apprentices concentrate on the scene shop (props, puppets and scenic painting), and costume shop. Technical apprentices work alongside our professional designers, receiving individualized, hands-on training in all aspects of construction and production for outdoor theatre.
Want to immerse yourself in your craft for a full 6 weeks?  Want to add the extra challenge of touring a production?  Check out Shakespeare Troupe!
Session One: June 23 — July 12 (3 weeks)
     -Only 1 Spot Left!
Session Two: July 14 — August 2 (3 weeks)
     -Only 1 Spot Left!

Interview Dates:
-Tues, Feb 20, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Interview Material

Camp Discounts

Early Bird: $200 off 2wk programs & $300 off 3wk programs if you audition before January 31.
*All Ensembles have only one audition a month. Please refer to your desired program for latest audition dates.

Sibling Discount: $200 off for each additional sibling.

Spread-the-Word Rebate: $50 for each audition & $200 for each enrollment.

Need-based Financial Aid is available for all programs. Please contact Emma Mearns for more information.

image of kids and teens at a sleepaway camp

Which summer camp is right for me?

If you can't decide between all of your options, we are happy to advise! Just call (703-987-1712) or email ( and we can walk you through where your actor will grow best.

Have a 6th or 8th Grader? Read about Swing Years!

Students who have been at Traveling Players before know the power of a strong and well-balanced ensemble. But how do you create a cohesive and effective ensemble? You need a mix of experiences and backgrounds – students of different ages, genders, and leadership experience — all of whom are eager to support and challenge each other to do their best work.

Our Swing Year students are eligible to perform in different ensembles, which will offer them different experiences.

Please audition only once – for the program that you are more interested in. We will take your preference into consideration when deciding ensemble assignments, but will place you in the ensemble that we feel is most appropriate for your growth as a performer.

6th Grade Swings: Audition for either the Mythology Ensemble or the Thespian Ensemble - or the Improv Intensive (2wk)
8th Grade Swings: Audition for either the Thespian Ensemble or the Shakespeare Ensemble - or the Improv Intensive (2 or 3 wk). You can also interview for tech. If interested in both acting and tech, please audition AND interview.

Please do not be discouraged if you are placed in a different ensemble than your preference. It is likely because we think you will receive a better challenge or more leadership opportunities in the other ensemble.

Out-of-the-Area Auditions & Interviews

Can't come in person? No problem! We are happy to schedule a Zoom meeting with you. We'll invite students who have been accepted into your desired program to fill out the Zoom room, making it a more enjoyable experience. Technical Theatre Interviews will remain solo.

Please contact Emma Mearns for more information.

*Please Note: Virtual Auditions & Interviews are only for non-local students. Anyone in the DMV area is expected to join us at one of our in-person dates. Thank you!

"Traveling Players delivers what bright, talented children need: challenge, discipline, new experiences, consistency, adults who are a step ahead of them and watching their backs, staying with them long enough to know who they are and encouraging them to become who they want to be with concrete, just-within-reach opportunities."

— Parent


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Traveling Players Ensemble is funded in part by ArtsFairfax and the Virginia Commission for the Arts, which receives support from the Virginia General Assembly and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.
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