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About Us

Our Mission

to enhance self-expression, self-reliance, problem-solving skills, and heighten appreciation for life’s challenges and beauty by bringing great theatre into the great outdoors. 

Our Guiding Beliefs

Artistic Creation

Artistic creation is fundamental to forming one’s identity, especially for teens in their unique and complex transition between childhood and adulthood. We give kids a safe space to explore themselves through artistic expression.


An ensemble (13 actors) provides an ideal structure for fostering creativity and a sense of community, ensuring personalized attention and significant growth as an artist and individual. By keeping our casts small, Traveling Players is able to provide individualized instruction and an enviable 4:1 student-faculty ratio.


As stated in a 2007 Washington Post article about Traveling Players, “Many kids’ first spiritual encounters take place in nature, where they discover something larger than themselves.” Therefore, we link theatrical work to nature by rehearsing and performing outdoors and by emphasizing nature themes in the plays we produce.

What is an ensemble?

At its heart, an ensemble prioritizes the success of the whole over the success of the individual. This is in stark contrast to the way theatre often works: an ensemble struggles against the tendency for the “most talented” actors getting the “best parts.”  Ensemble work challenges both of those ideas by valuing the contributions of every member of the cast and crew.

We encourage teens to be responsible to the larger group, rather than thinking of their own interests first.  What this means is that everyone in the group gets what they need.  If everyone’s focus is in toward the group, they can help, support, encourage, and challenge each other.  That way, when problems arise – as they always do – there is enough trust, goodwill, and confidence for the group to sustain itself.

Ensemble practice fosters a collective ownership of the art, believing in actors as creative as well as interpretive artists.  Because of its focus on inclusivity and collaboration, all members of an ensemble develop a sense of the whole, and feel supported, trusted, and listened to by the group.  In this kind of environment, performers can take greater risks and experience greater growth, knowing that the ensemble will catch them when they fall.

Awards & Accolades

Traveling Players

  • Arts Education Award, 2020-21 Winner, ArtsFairfax
  • Over 760 performances, 50% donated
  • Served over 8,000 campers
  • Awarded over $345,000 in Financial Aid
  • Two Traveling Players-commissioned mythology plays by Judith Walsh White have been professionally published, listing our campers as the Original Cast
  • Ranked #1 arts camp in the nation by CampEasy! in 2015
  • Named Readers’ Pick Summer Camp by Northern Virginia Magazine, 2016-21
  • Featured for 9 years in Catalogue for Philanthropy, “featuring the area's best, vetted, community-based charities for high-impact local giving"

Featured Student Awards

Traveling Players Students attribute numerous awards and distinctions to our programs and coaching, including:

  • Winner: Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Play, Traveling Players student
  • Nomination: Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Ensemble, Resident Play, 2009, Traveling Players student.
  • English-Speaking Union Shakespeare Competition for the National Capital Region: 11 first-place awards in school competitions, Regional Finalist (2005, 2013), Regional Winner (2006 – competed in national competition at Lincoln Center), Regional 1st Runner-Up (2008), Regional 2nd Runner-Up (2012).
  • Poetry Out Loud, National Endowment for the Arts, 2011 State Champion (MD) and National Finalist; 2012 State Champion (DC).
  • Winner: Montgomery County Public Schools All-County Superintendent’s Performing Arts Award, Traveling Players student.
  • Winner: DC-area Cappies Critics and Awards Program, Best Musical, Best Song, Best Supporting Actress Traveling Players students
  • Nominations: DC-area Cappies Critics and Awards Program, Sound, Makeup, and Acting, Traveling Players student.
  • 1st Place: 10-minute Playwriting Contest at Arena Stage, 2011, Traveling Players student.
  • Forensics wins by Traveling Players students:
    • District Level: Dramatic Interpretation: 1st and 2nd place, Humorous Interpretation: 3rd place
    • Regional Level: Dramatic Interpretation, All Stars Finals, 1st Place
    • National Level: Dramatic Interpretation, Prose Reading, Top 50
  • Cappies Nominations 2023:
    • Charles Fisher, Best Lead Actor
    • Kaitlyn McCarley, Best Comic Actor
    • Hugo Ratheau, Best Supporting Actor
    • Will Albaugh, Best Featured Actor


Acting created a place for me to express myself and to feel like people are listening — and being at Traveling Players made me feel as if I was worth listening to. It’s a wonderful feeling.

— Camper

Each year that our daughter has attended a Traveling Players program (3 summers and 2 winters), I have been so impressed not only by the wonderful and professional nature of the programs, but by the genuine camaraderie developed between the cast and the directors. No other program or experience has been more challenging or meaningful for my daughter. Thank you!

– Parent

Traveling Players Ensemble is more than meets the eye. On the surface, it’s a professional theater company […] it does an amazing job of training teens in outdoor classical theater. But even more amazing is the community that has sprung up around this organization. Teenagers and theater professionals from around the DC area form lasting friendships and learn extremely valuable life lessons from their camp experiences. Since coming to Traveling Players, I’ve begun to live from summer to summer. I can’t possibly praise this organization enough.

— Alum

A transformative experience! My son and daughter have attended Traveling Players programs for many years.  It is the most important activity in both of their lives. The instruction in classical theatre is incomparable.  The outdoor skills and experiences are phenomenal. And the friendships and close, supportive community of kids are priceless.  Go!

— Parent


A Round of Applause for our 2022 Donors

$30,000 & above

  • ArtsFairfax ♥♥
  • Federal/SBA Covid Relief Forgiveness  
  • Macerich/Tysons Corner Center ∞
  • Virginia Commission for the Arts ♥♥

$10,000 - $29,999

  • Robin & Bob Carroll ♦☺∞
  • Google Adwords ♦∞
  • McLean Community Foundation 
  • The Nora Roberts Foundation ♦

$2,500 - $9,999

  • Anonymous ♦☺
  • The Cuce-Martin Family  
  • Dimick Foundation ♥
  • Erik Ronningen 
  • Tetracore, Inc. * ∞
  • Lisa & Seth Tucker

$1,000 - $2,499

  • Hee Un Baeg & Min Koo Choi * 
  • Anne & John Durgavich * ☺∞
  • Josh and Sarah Eastright * 
  • Freddie Mac * #
  • Anne & William Gross  
  • Allison May & Ky Tran-Trong 
  • Jennifer McLaughlin  
  • McLean Community Center ∞
  • James Rivera ♦
  • Andy & Lynn Shotwell ♦
  • Margie Sullivan ♥♥
  • VADH/CDC * ∞
  • Judith & Christian White ♥♥☺

$500 - $999

  • Jamie Abrams & Jason Pletcher ☺
  • The Carmel-Jessup Family ♥☺
  • Sharon & Jonathan Franklin ♥
  • Jeanne E. Harrison ♥♥☺
  • Jim Read & Melissa Jurgens  
  • Kristin & Stan Schloemer ♦
  • Katherine Touart ♦

$250 - $499

  • Anne & Jon Ashwell ♥
  • Barings LLC  #
  • Barbara & Rooney deButts 
  • Marie Milnes-Vasquez & Tony Johnstone ♥
  • Noble Properties * ∞
  • Eric Ottesen * 
  • Amy Regas & Brad Conver ♦
  • Julia Smith & Brian Frickert

$100 - $249

  • AmazonSmile Foundation ♦
  • Steven Babin & Pamela Nee ♦
  • Mitch Bailin 
  • Virginia & Jed Barry ♦☺∞
  • Louis & Eva Caldera ♦
  • Sharon Coldren * 
  • Urvi Desai * 
  • Amber & Caitlin Dungan  
  • Jenna Fournel  
  • Molly Gimmel ♦☺
  • Lara Greden & Bruno Miller * 
  • Lisa Grossman & David Weber 
  • John Kerl * 
  • Elliott & Julie Maizels ♦☺
  • Aleta Margolis ♥
  • Beth & Walter Meyer  
  • Carolyn Mollen ♥☺
  • Alice OBrien * 
  • KK & Matthew Ottesen 
  • Cathy Pollack 
  • Sarah Raskin * 
  • Virginia Roll ♦
  • Michelle Shefter & Jason Hillman 
  • Souvlaki Bar * ∞
  • Deborah Stein & Mike Lubrano ♦☺
  • Susan & John Sturc ♥♥☺
  • Astrik Tenney * 
  • Chrysanthe Broikos & Mark Vilardo ♦
  • Matthew Wald & Wilma Schiller ♥
  • Sarah & Greg Wetstone ♦

up to $99

  • Anonymous 
  • Vivian & Payton Bailey  
  • Bridget Baiss & Sean Howard * 
  • Rabia Cakar * 
  • Beth & Brian Cole * ☺∞
  • Eliza Dermody * 
  • Mary Gibbs & Jeffrey Horner ♥
  • Sabre Goldman * 
  • Melissa House  
  • Leyla & Gordon Kenny  
  • David Klevan & Charlotte Cluverius * 
  • Sarah Meek * 
  • Catrin Morris & Chris Miller 
  • Colleen Neumann 
  • Michelle & Mike Noble 
  • Deborah Osborne 
  • PayPal Giving Fund ♦
  • Jennifer & Ron Sinek ♥
  • Kristin Sunderman 
  • UK Online Giving Fund * 
  • Morey Ward *


  • ♥♥ 15+ years
  • ♥ 10-14 years
  • ♦ 5-9 years
  • * New Donor 
  • ☺Camper/Alum/Staff/Board
  • #  Matching
  • ∞  In-Kind

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Join our Ensemble of Donors

Please consider joining our Ensemble of Donors by making an annual contribution of $1,000 or more this year. Our donors mean the world to us, and now we will regally celebrate our most munificent patrons!

Benefits of Ensemble membership:

  • Go backstage! Join our summer directors and designers as they preview their sketches and production concepts.
  • See a show! Share an evening at a local professional theatre, complete with a pre-show lecture by Jeanne.
  • Bask in our unending gratitude!

Theatre tickets are an additional charge. Membership lasts one year, is renewable, and basking begins the year following the donation.

Shakespeare had Queen Elizabeth, Moliere had Louis XIV, And We have You!

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Board of Directors

Charlie Brown, BA, President

Charlie is currently a Partner at Strategy for Humanity, a consulting firm that works with mission-driven organizations and those who fund them. He brings expertise on strategic planning, program and institutional evaluation, program development, and communications and advocacy campaigns.  He has two children who are currently Traveling Players students.  

Lynda Singletary, Vice President

Lynda serves as the Director of Development for a local nonprofit providing early childhood care.  She is experienced in strategic planning, organizational development, and program and project management – working with diverse teams to correctly identify and resolve issues that help the organization succeed in meeting its mission.  Her daughter performed with Traveling Players and remains in our community.

Beth Cole, PhD, Treasurer

A middle school math teacher at St. Patrick’s Episcopal School, Beth’s expertise is in project management, operational efficiencies and marketing.  Beth is also the parent of a Traveling Players alum, currently earning a BFA in Theatre.

Alex Mountfield, BA, Secretary

Alex Mountfield was a student at Traveling Players between 2014 and 2016. Since then, they’ve served Traveling Players as a volunteer, a teaching artist, a camp director, an office administrator, and a staff leader. They are an award-winning writer, editor, and researcher, currently working as a Research Associate at Strategy for Humanity. More info:

Robin Carroll, MBA, Ex Officio

Robin serves in the capacity of Director of Development and Operations.  

Jeanne Harrison, MA, MFA, Ex Officio

Jeanne serves in the capacity of Executive Director. 

Learn More About Our Programs!


P.O. Box 1315
Great Falls, VA 22066


Traveling Players Studio
Tysons Corner Center – DL01
1961 Chain Bridge Road, Tysons, VA 22102

Traveling Players Ensemble is funded in part by ArtsFairfax and the Virginia Commission for the Arts, which receives support from the Virginia General Assembly and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.
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