A transformative experience! My son and daughter have attended Traveling Players programs for many years.  It is the most important activity in both of their lives. The instruction in classical theatre is incomparable.  The outdoor skills and experiences are phenomenal. And the friendships and close, supportive community of kids are priceless.  Go!

— Parent

Each year that our daughter has attended a Traveling Players program (3 summers and 2 winters), I have been so impressed not only by the wonderful and professional nature of the programs, but by the genuine camaraderie developed between the cast and the directors. No other program or experience has been more challenging or meaningful for my daughter. Thank you!

– Parent

Traveling Players Ensemble is more than meets the eye. On the surface, it’s a professional theater company […] it does an amazing job of training teens in outdoor classical theater. But even more amazing is the community that has sprung up around this organization. Teenagers and theater professionals from around the DC area form lasting friendships and learn extremely valuable life lessons from their camp experiences. Since coming to Traveling Players, I’ve begun to live from summer to summer. I can’t possibly praise this organization enough.

— Alum

I’ve been watching my son grow up with Traveling Players for seven years now, finding his way into characters from a slapstick-happy servant to Romeo, making friends and pitching tents and fitting large pieces of scenery into buses, and every bit of it has been challenge and discovery wrapped up in a loving environment. He wouldn’t be who he is without that experience.

– Parent

Putting together a full-length Shakespeare play in a few short weeks requires commitment from all of the members of the cast. The work ethic that I learned from Traveling Players helped me to success in high school and now in college.

– Alum

My son has gone to summer camp at Traveling Players Ensemble for four years running. He has gained incredible self-confidence, treasured friendships, and outstanding acting skills. Traveling Players is a wonderfully supportive positive experience for teens and pre-teens. The directors have an uncanny knack for knowing exactly what roles the students need for their growth and success. Thanks to the experiences my son has gotten from his time at Traveling Players, he is now cast for major roles in his High School’s theatre performances. We cannot begin to say enough wonderful things about this program.

– Parent

Acting created a place for me to express myself and to feel like people are listening — and being at Traveling Players made me feel as if I was worth listening to. It’s a wonderful feeling.

— Camper

We wanted to let you know how absolutely taken my son was with Traveling Players. He’s already asked to come back next summer for as long as possible and is planning to work to join the Shakespeare Troupe when he’s older. And even though I was exhausted from a killer week at work Friday night, we stayed til the end of Much Ado About Nothing, not because we wanted to force an “educational” experience down his throat, but because he was begging  to stay, shrieking with laughter when Benedick was hiding under the garden bench and being very worried when Hero was accused of cheating on her betrothed. And when I’d occasionally lean over and say, “are you following what’s going on?” he’d wave me away, “yeah, yeah, yeah – Mom, I’m trying to listen…” There aren’t a lot of 11-year-old boys who beg to stay at a full-length Shakespeare production, and I offer you – OK, and the Bard – our thanks for helping make that happen.

– Parent