Kansiny Nguyen

Kansiny Nguyen (she/her) earned her BFA in Fashion Design from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCUarts). With a passion for creativity and attention to detail, Kansiny approaches each project with a fresh perspective, blending her technical expertise with a unique artistic vision. Her designs reflect her individuality and showcase her dedication to the craft. During VCUarts, she honed her skills in garment construction, draping, patternmaking, tailoring, textile selection, fashion forecasting, fashion illustration, and 3D design.

Aside from the technicalities of design, she is also eager to explore the intersections between fashion and theatre, expanding her knowledge into costume design. She strives to become a better storyteller and admires designers who create collections with significant meaning. For her, buying a piece from such designers is akin to purchasing a chapter in their book. Therefore, costume design plays a crucial role in her creative journey. It allows her to delve deeper into the narrative. She believes that costumes hold the power to enhance characters, evoke emotions, and transport audiences into different worlds.

Beyond her work in fashion, Kansiny finds joy in painting and actively shares her passion by teaching illustrating skills to young students.